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/ Апартаменты / Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Edelweiss +София++Продажа
Детальная информация

Скоро будет и Русская версия

Located in the suburb of Boyana at the foot of Vitosha mountain.

The residential development consists of two main apartment houses, each of them having underground garages, storage areas, a porter-security, sauna with a bathroom & WC and a recreation area. The buildings are four-storey ones, having semi-levels, with wide staircases and elevators. The exterior of the buildings is a combination of urban and mountain-style architecture. The façade finish is colored mineral plastering, planking and Gnais stone facing.

The apartments are functional, spacious and well-illuminated.

There are 16 outdoor parking lots in addition to the underground garages

There is a recreation area and a children’s playground in the south-eastern part of the yard.

The access to it can be gained through Daskal Stoyan Popandreev Street , which is a continuation of Bulgaria Blvd. The communication with the center of Sofia is fast and easy.

The specific terrain has been used for the situation of two residential groups of buildings as well as for achieving wonderful views over the town and to the mountain.

The motor vehicles will have access to the residences from a street along the northern periphery of the Development.

Этап строительства

Начин завершения

Walls – internal masonry – 12 cm. and external masonry – 25 cm. using gas concrete bricks. The gypsum plastering also includes corner protectors. All external walls and steel reinforced elements are insulated thermally by means of EPS thermo-insulation plates, polymer mesh and finishing color mineral plastering. The storey under the roof has a plank lining.
The stone facing is foliated granite.

 • Ceilings – gypsum plastering. The clear height of the residential rooms is 2.60 meters.

 • Flooring – for the common areas: the staircases have massive stone panels and there are slab-stones on the staircase landings; granitogress in the corridors and cold-resistant granitogress on the terraces.

 • Doors – all internal doors are MDF, the front doors – MDF with a reinforced structure, having rubber packing and reinforced hinges, with a combination lock and a peep-hole.

 • Windows – three-chamber PVC profiles with inbuilt external rolling Venetian blinds.

 • WC and bathrooms – with false ceilings employing moisture-resistant Knauf.

Цена от:
110,000 €
Edelweiss - точное местоположение, GPS-координаты: 42.729865, 23.343887
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Апартаменты / Продажа
+7 495 127 70 09
+359 878 817 800
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